2016 Junior Retreat

March 11, 2016

All aboard the F Train!

Fifty Juniors accompanied by Sister Anne Lally, CSJ., Campus Minister, ventured two stops away from Saint Saviour High School for their Junior Retreat Experience at Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish. Sister Mary Ann Ambrose, CSJ, who is the Pastoral Associate in the parish, was the Retreat Director.  

The new Marian Center was made available to our students who received a warm welcome from S. Maryann upon their arrival.  After settling in, Sister Mary Ann shared the plan for the retreat and it was well received.  Time was given to talk about friendship, two short movie clips were viewed, one from “Mean Girls” and one from “Dead Poets Society”  where students were able to see how there are those who like to control others and those who feel intimated to follow the crowd.  The students were familiar with the film and could relate to the message.  A visit to the church was part of the time where Sister Mary Ann spoke to our young women about Veronica and the other women who met Jesus on the road to calvary, how it was Mary Magdalen who was the first person Jesus appeared to, etc., and how they also can be important people in God’s world.  They felt encouraged in hearing how important women were in the life and ministry of Jesus.

Students were given water color paints to decorate a prayer card that was furnished: each expressing their own artistic ability and personality.  The sunny day brought the students outside on the lawn where they enjoyed the company of one another, took pictures, (especially with a beautiful statue of Jesus’ mother, Mary).  Returning to the retreat room, they were offered cold drinks, cookies, and various bags of chips.

Sister Mary Ann introduced the students to “Gracie” who is a therapy dog.  She explained to the students that we all need to feel loved and wanted.  Gracie is a licensed therapy dog who visits a nursing home on Tuesday’s and brings great comfort and love to the residents.  Grace welcomed all the pats and hugs she received. 

We concluded the day with The Girlfriends Prayer, were the girls thanked God for their friends who love them, encourage them,  guide them, are there when needed and are weary, and in particular the awesome gift of their Saint Saviour friends.