Madeleine Cooke ‘16

September 9, 2015

On August 1, Madeleine Cooke attended a tour of the Coast Guard Cutter Eagle, an event hosted by the United State’s Coast Guard Academy. There she was able to meet with cadets and learn more about the Academy as well as the various missions performed by the Coast Guard. She was invited to a similar event hosted by the United States Naval Academy, in which she along with other Academy candidates boarded a USNA Yard Patrol Craft and learned about the Summer Training carried out by first class Midshipmen. Madeleine was also invited to USNA’s Candidate Visit Weekend (CVW). At the Academy, she mirrored a plebe and sat in on a wide array of classes offered by USNA, including Navigation and Leadership. She and her fellow “drags” were also able to see the first USNA parade of the school year