Madeleine Cooke ’16 -  US Naval Academy Seminar

June 1, 2015

Madeleine arrived on Saturday, May 30 at the USNA, with her father and grandfather, to start the 6-day Summer Seminar.

Link to Summer Seminar can be found here:

Madeleine spent six days (May 30-June 4) at the United States Naval Academy where she received a first-hand look at the life of a midshipman. Her busy week began Sunday morning with PT (physical training) which started at approximately 6:00 am.She participated in a variety of academic activities, such as a navigation workshop, a lesson in computer technology and a damage control exercise. She also kept up with rigorous physical workouts, including Sea Trials, a five-hour series of obstacle courses ranging from relay races to rowing. Madeleine completed these courses alongside her squad and company, who encouraged each other through motivation and teamwork. 

After Sea Trials, she opted to participate in a mock indoctrination in which squad leaders quizzed their company. She had a great time at the Academy and was amazed by the unity, determination and strength shown by the variety of fellow students around her. After this rewarding experience, she is even more determined to earn an Offer of Appointment to the United States Naval Academy.