Middle States Update

November 29, 2018

Saint Saviour High School has been committed to empowering young women with a strong, Catholic education since 1917. With that end in mind, the staff and community at SSHS consistently seek excellence in all areas a well-rounded education requires. From installing new LED lights throughout our building, to introducing a new hydroponic food farm fostering interdepartmental collaboration, Saint Saviour High School is constantly pushing forward and growing.

This monthly newsletter has been created to keep all those within the SSHS community informed of all our new endeavors and successors.

This year in particular we have taken on the great task of confirming re-accreditation from the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. We were initially accredited in 2011, and this year we will be conducting a self-study within our community to choose goals that will guide our continued push for excellence. In addition to general excellence updates, this newsletter will serve to inform our community of any accreditation process updates as well.


  • Brigid Clary is serving as our Internal Coordinator, steering the MSA process. Any questions or comments can be directed to her at clary.b@stsaviour.org
  • The staff at SSHS is revising and finalizing some of our foundational documents that guide our processes and development here at SSHS. These will help us reflect on where we are and how we can best follow our stated mission.
  • We are finalizing some Teams to help us send out and analyze the questionnaires that will form a large part of our self-study.


December: We will be working hard here at SSHS to gather information on our community, our school, and our student performance that will help us to analyze where we are and how we can best follow our stated mission. We will also be finalizing the questionnaires - preparing them to be completed by staff, students, and parents throughout January.


In January, questionnaires will be distributed to parents of current students at SSHS. Use that space to share your thoughts with us!

Other community members (alumnae, etc) can request a questionnaire by emailing Brigid Clary at clary.b@stsaviour.org.