Molly Tiedemann ‘16

September 2, 2015

Over the past 4 years including this summer, Molly has volunteered at Mid-Hudson Valley Camp in Esopus, NY. This camp is vacation spot for children and adults with developmental disabilities as well as individuals that are deaf, have cancer or arre inner city children. Each camp is a week long and the volunteers work full-time to ensure that the attendees have wonderful experience. Molly worked with both children and adults, doing arts and crafts, taking them to the pooland helping organize a variety show. She also learned how to care for the disabled adults by helping them with every tasks to ensure that they are happy and safe. Molly also covered some night shifts in the dorms which required her to stay awake all night to ensure all campers were safe.

During the last week of June, Molly volunteered with children ages 4-15 with developmental disabilities at camp "Kids 1"; she also worked at Camp Angles for inner city children and an Adult Camp for those with developmental disabilities as well as behavior problems.  Molly's mom used to work at this camp which is how she became involved in the program. To close out the summer, Molly also volunteered her time at a camp for developmentally disabled adults ranging in ages of 21-40.