Moving Forward at Saint Saviour High School

April 7, 2017

We are very excited to announce a groundbreaking initiative that we believe will
powerfully transform teaching and learning at St. Saviour High School. Beginning in
September 2017, we will embark on what we are calling a “1 to World Chromebook
Initiative”. Each student in each grade will receive a Chromebook device to use to
enhance her learning.

In addition to the devices, we will be partnering with various online learning platforms to
offer more courses and learning opportunities for our students. Our plan is to expose
students to the world of online resources that is now at all our fingertips. To give you an
example, this past year we partnered with to offer AP Computer Science,
for the first time, to our 100th Anniversary class. This class featured online lectures,
assignments, quizzes and exams all provided by and managed by our
Technology Teacher. After the resounding success of this program, we plan to expand
into other course offerings. We view these new offerings as exciting opportunities to go
beyond our school walls and offer so much more for our students.

Saint Saviour has also joined the National Coalition of Girls Schools. NCGS is the
leading advocate for girls’ schools, connecting and collaborating globally with
individuals, schools, and organizations dedicated to educating and empowering girls. We
join over 200 national and international Pre-K through 12 independent, public, charter, and
religiously-affiliated girls' schools in 12 countries.

NCGS work in four areas of support to their member schools: Advocacy, Research,
Networking and Professional Development. One of the biggest benefits of being a
member of NCGS is that they connect member schools with each other and with
strategic partners. NCGS is the global expert on girls’ education, helping to advance
work in the education and healthy development of girls.

Another benefit to membership is the ability to participate in the "Educating Girls
Symposium" which takes place in NYC each year; this past February’s conference
focused on School Communities: The Power of Many Voices. There is also a tremendous
amount of research and information available to our school which further advocates the
power of an all-girls education. Their blog recently focused on student who felt that
"Growing up in an all-girls environment has taught me two life lessons that, in my
opinion, are the hardest to learn: be yourself and pursue all your passions."
We are excited for both of these initiatives to help move Saint Saviour High School
forward towards the next 100 years! Please look out for more information in upcoming
newsletters and on our Facebook page and website.

Questions? Contact Dr. McKeown at 718-768-4406 x14 or reply to this email.