Saint Saviour High School Mission Day 2018

May 8, 2018

To expand upon Saint Saviour’s mission as a Catholic School and to honor the women who helped create the charism that all Saviourites embody, Saint Saviour High School hostedt its first Mission Day on Tuesday, May 8. Mission Day incorporates two Saint Saviour traditions: the annual May Crowning and the Founders Day celebration, underscoring why Saint Saviour High School exists and expressing what it means to be a Catholic School.

Mass was held at Saint Saviour Church on May 8 and celebrated our original founder – Jesus (who the parish and school is named after), and Mary – the first woman to say “Yes” to God.  The School Sisters of Notre Dame and Alumnae were also honored as our founders.

Mrs. Margaret Bernstein, alumna and Assistant Principal of Saint Saviour High School spoke about how Catholic education had a profound effect on her – personally and professionally.  In keeping with our traditions, students brought in flowers to decorate the Church and to crown the statue of Mary during the Mass.  Students also participated in the Mass as servers and Eucharistic ministers.