Summer Panda Experiences - Teresa ‘18 -  US Naval Academy Summer Seminar

July 10, 2017

 Life as a midshipman at the United States Naval Academy is no easy task yet over 2,550 rising seniors attend a week long seminar discovering if the navy is right for them. Teresa C. ‘18, spent her week training with the battalion while watching the sun rise over Annapolis, spending time with her platoon in Bancroft Hall while memorizing everything on the rate sheet, taking classes taught by academy professors and midshipman on the Yard and participating in intramurals and squad competitions in preparation for Sea Trials and Indoc. Teresa was so inspired by her experience.  “This seminar was the most amazing experience, living among the future of America’s navy, being pushed to far greater limits than one is used to, and bonding with people from all over the country with like goals and aspirations.” GO NAVY, BEAT ARMY!