Fundamentals of Art
Required for all Freshmen; One Semester

This course opens with an introduction to advertising terms, making students aware of how art and graphic design saturate the world in which they live. Through interactive class participation, students are exposed to the fundamental Principles of Design and the Elements of Art theory—the basic tools and techniques with which students are able to create good artwork. The second quarter presents a chronological overview of artistic styles from prehistoric to modern times. Each student creates her own personal Art History notebook. At the end of the course, individual students choose a specific Art Style or Art Period and by means of a Power Point presentation, teach a class on their chosen topic.

Application of Media
Required for all Sophomores; One Semester

Students’ knowledge of principles of design and elements of art is brought to fruition through the use of various media. All students are encouraged to create good design regardless of their artistic ability. The first projects are designed to develop basic skills in color mixing, advancing towards more refined projects focusing on distinctions of value and intensity. Elements of line, pattern, texture and composition are reinforced through the discipline of scratchboard art. Classes led by the instructor in one-two-three and four-point perspective teach students to be aware of vanishing points, proportionally diminishing space, line, balance and symmetry. A simple introduction to designing with computer graphics is done through creating a caleidoscope design. All sophomore artwork is displayed at our Annual Art Show.

Exploration of Media
Senior Elective; Full Year; Departmental approval required

Seniors pursuing a career in Art, or those who want to develop their Artistic skills, are exposed to a variety of techniques and media. The year begins with drawing classes outdoors as we take advantage of the historic brownstones of our grand neighborhood. The course evolves each year as it is geared towards the needs of the Art Majors in the class, whether it be illustration, interior design, architecture, etcetera. Students are offered a rich supply of media to explore through a variety of projects including, but not limited to: oil/acrylic painting on canvas; watercolor and fabric painting; illustration in graphite, Conté crayon, charcoal, pastels and pen and ink; scratch art in clayboard; faux stain glass; plaster and clay sculpture; wood burning and assemblage. Portfolio development is offered on a personal one-to-one basis for those students needing to make a presentation for acceptance into a specialized college art program. Seniors host our Annual Art Show, where their artwork is displayed.

Advanced Art
Senior Elective; Departmental approval required

Advanced Art is a studio course in which students will increase technical skills, develop a more sophisticated approach to process subject matter, and create a portfolio of individual work. In this class, students will keep an artist journal to explore artistic process, experiment with materials and analyze work.

Intro to Theatre
Senior Elective; Departmental approval required; Cross curriculum with Music

Intro to Theatre is an elective that serves as an introduction and overview to the fundamentals of play productions and stage terminology. Rich theatrical experiences will blend the eight theatrical roles of actor, audience, playwright, technician, designer, critic, director and researcher. This course will offer performed opportunities. Second semester will focus on the theater itself with emphasis on design and construction.