Computer I
Required for all Freshmen
  • Unit 1: Digital Citizenship. Exploring the nine essential concepts defined by ISTE. Digital Access, Commerce, Communications, Literacy, Etiquette, Law, Rights and Responsibilities, Security and Health and Wellness. Introduction to all things technology that the school has to offer. Students will collaborate and learn video editing, conduct surveys and research statistics, web design and digital publishing. 
  • Unit 2: Basic Computer Hardware. This unit begins with an introduction to hardware, software and computer maintenance. Taking the computer apart, cleaning them and learning how the hardware works. Students will learn terms and acronyms related to technology, explore the history of computing and women’s roles in science and technology.
  • Unit 3: Introduction to Computer Science and Programming. Understanding basic programming concepts with Scratch. Students will be introduced to Sequence, Event Handling, Loops and Variables and Game Design.  
Computer IV
Senior Elective

The Senior Computer Elective is an immersion in all things tech. The year typically begins with an Introduction to Hardware, Designing and Building a PC. Some areas we have explored in the past include:  Video Editing and iMovie, learning by gaming with Civilization V and Portal, Introduction to Basic Electronics with Arduino, 3D drawing with Google Sketchup and Introduction to Adobe Photoshop. 

AP Computer Science
Senior Elective

In this course, students will learn the fundamentals of computer science in the Java programming language. It begins by focusing on programming basics and then on writing full classes and the logic and structures around building them. AP Computer Science is the equivalent of an introductory college-level programming class and will prepare students for the AP exam. 

Technology Workshops

Subjects range from Programming, Minecraft, Graphic Design, Photoshop, Web Design and more.