Fundamentals of Music
Required for all Freshmen; One Semester

This course introduces the student to the "language of music". It covers musical terms and definitions, develops theoretical knowledge (music notation and rhythm) as well as ear training skills. It introduces students to orchestral instruments, famous composers and the appreciation of their famous musical works.

Keyboard Studies
Required for all Sophomores; One Semester

The sophomore musical experience develops the students’ instrumental skills, focusing on the keyboard. The student will strengthen her technique through musical exercises and as her skill and coordination grow, pieces of music, which vary in difficulty, will be introduced. Theoretical knowledge will be strengthened with a special focus on rhythm.

Advanced Music: Chorus or Continued Keyboard
Senior Elective; Full Year; Prerequisite--Sophomore Music or prior study on a musical instrument. Departmental approval required


The Choral Music program is designed to enhance the musical, creative and expressive qualities of all students. Students will develop their vocal and auditory abilities. The reading of music and harmonizing will also be developed. These skills will be realized through the song repertoire and as the repertoire grows it will be shared through public performance.

Continued Keyboard

Continuing where sophomore keyboard left off; the student will be challenged with more music theory as well as building technique and repertoire on the keyboard. An emphasis on Classical repertoire is preferred to help build technique. Popular types of music will also be explored. For her final, she will perform a recital of her best pieces.

Advanced Placement Music Theory
Senior Elective; Departmental approval required

AP Music Theory is an introductory college-level; music theory course. Students cultivate their understanding of music theory through analyzing performed and noted music as they explore concepts like pitch, rhyme, form and musical design.

Intro to Theatre
Senior Elective; Departmental approval required; Cross curriculum with Art

Intro to Theatre is an elective that serves as an introduction and overview to the fundamentals of play productions and stage terminology. Rich theatrical experiences will blend the eight theatrical roles of actor, audience, playwright, technician, designer, critic, director and researcher. This course will offer performed opportunities. Second semester will focus on the theater itself with emphasis on design and construction.