International Students

Saint Saviour High School accepts international students to begin the school year in September. Any international student applying to Saint Saviour will be required to follow the application process listed below. All paper work must be completed and submitted by May 1 in order to receive the I-20 for the start of school in September. Please contact Eileen Darcy at or 718-768-4406 for more information.

Application Process

1.  Complete and submit the following documents:

  • Official school transcript/report cards (from the current year and previous 2 years) translated into English
  • A personal statement in English and an on-screen interview
  • Copy of Passport

2.  The following information will be provided and/or requested upon academic approval:

  • Letter of Acceptance
  • Current address and contact information of student and family
  • Name and contact information of guardian in New York
  • Official, legal (notarized) paperwork signed by the parents naming the guardian
  • Name and contact information of the person who will complete all of the student's financial information including a notarized letter of financial support written by the guardian which accompanies a bank statement from the guardian's US bank account containing at least 6 months tuition and expenses (at least $10,000 USD)  

3. Guardian(s) interview with the Principal

  • Guardian will provide all information needed to complete the Sevis form for the Diocese of Brooklyn (required to process the I-20)
  • Guardian will also provide $2,000 payment to Saint Saviour High School in the form of a check, money order, or cash. This payment includes: $350 fee to process the Sevis form, $375 registration fee, and $1,275 tuition deposit. Please note $1,550 of this fee is refundable if the student is denied an I-20 or F-1 Visa.

4. Receiving the I-20 and Next Steps

  • The Sevis form will be processed by the Diocese of Brooklyn and the I-20 will be issued within 3-4 weeks.
  • The guardian(s) must send the I-20 to the student, so she can go to the embassy in her home country to apply for her visa.
  • Once the student has her visa, she and her guardian will have to complete and submit a medical form. The medical form will be provided to the family and must be completed and signed by a physician in New York.