Science Dept. Trip with St. Joseph’s College to Vigon International, Inc.

October 17, 2016

On Friday, October 14, students from the SJC Brooklyn Science Club hosted students from Saint Saviour High School for a trip to Vigon International in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Steve Somers ’82 gave the group a tour of the facilities and spoke about career opportunities in the field.

The company provides products to customers in select flavor, cosmetic and specialty ingredient markets. Somers is the owner and president of Vigon, a leading manufacturer of high-quality flavor and fragrance ingredients, including essential oils, oleoresins, botanical extracts and natural and synthetic aroma extracts. Founded in 1988, the company was purchased by Somers 10 years later, and has since grown exponentially in both employee and facility size. One of the Lehigh Valley’s fastest-growing companies, Vigon International was named one of the Best Places to Work in Pennsylvania in 2013. Somers is presently on the SJC Board of Trustees.

The high school students included Teresa Collins, Julia Kenny, Daniella Rodriguez, Lauren Regan, Justine Peart, Isabella Wagner, Sherika Swaby, Liana Betancourt, Keba Francis, and Lily Vales. The college students included Hiba Khan, Yangzom Lhamo, Sharifa Esha, Sally Idris, Cuong Dao, Maria Guanga and Yamini Malik.