Science Research Program

Science Research Program Description

St. Saviour High School’s Science Department is excited to offer select science students the opportunity to enter a three-course sequence research program. As a part of this program, students will develop scientific writing and presentation skills with an in-depth analysis of the scientific process. Students will be introduced to basic laboratory techniques with emphasis on the development of independent research. Students will develop independent research projects under teacher or research mentor supervision. Students will have the opportunity to enter research into local, state and national competitions, write a scientific research paper describing research results, and give a presentation of research results. Throughout the school year, students can attend field trips such as science presentations, research lectures and poster sessions.

The Science Research Program is in addition to the three science courses required for graduation at St. Saviour High School. Students involved in this program should be able to work well independently and have a proven ability to adhere to due dates. Students must abide by the Academic Honor Code Guidelines and must be in good academic standing while in the Science Research Program. The course meets once per six-day cycle. Students will submit the permission slip for the St. Saviour High School’s Science Research Program at the end of their freshman year to be considered for the program. Transfer students may also be considered. Admission to this program is based on departmental approval. For more information on the St. Saviour High School’s Science Research Program, please contact Ms. Ramkellowan at

Student Spotlights

26th Annual High School Poster Session at St. Joseph's University 2024

Members of the Science Research program participated in the 26th Annual High School Poster Session at St. Joseph’s University. Students received participation awards for their work. Audrey '24 also received an Honorable Mention award for her project. 

Congrats to all!!

NY Sun Works Conference--May 24, 2023

Students from the Science Research Program were featured at the NY Sun Works Conference at the Jacob Javits Center. Click here to watch!

Social Media Contest - Congratulations to St. Saviour! 

NY Sun Works is excited to announce that the farmer-scientists at St. Saviour High School are this year's winners, with their Instagram post showing off the experiments being conducted in their hydroponic classroom. These outstanding young women did a great job showcasing what makes their hydroponic classroom special! 

Science Symposium

The Science Department hosted our first Science Symposium on Thursday April 20. Projects from the science classes and Science Research Program were on display for everyone to view.

25th Annual High School Poster Session at St. Joseph's University 2023

Members of the Science Research program participated in the 25th Annual High School Poster Session at St. Joseph’s University. Olivia '23, Sienna '23, Gillian '23 and Audrey '24 presented their research with other science research classmates cheering them on! They also listened to the keynote address on "In Silico Modeling of Gas-Phase Reactions and Ligand-Protein Dissociations" by Professor João Marcelo Lamim Ribeiro from the Department of Physical Sciences, St. Joseph’s University.

Click here for photos!

NY Sun Works Virtual Conference--May 24, 2022

Students from the Science Research Program were featured on the virtual NY Sun Works Conference. Click the links below to watch!

The following students were featured:

Kann Grogan: Olive Oil & Black Eyed Peas: Friend or Foe?
Olivia Mansour: Does Mosquito Repellent Harm Plants?
Sienna Mastroviti: A Greasy Situation: The Effect of Marine Oil on Plants
Caterina Cirone: Water You Doing With Pollution?
Allie Giordano: The Effect of Refined & Unrefined Cocos Nucifera On Ocimum Basilicum
Angelia Lubrano: The Effect of Sodium Hypochlorite On Basil Plants
Antonella Venetian: The Effect of Wood Ash on Basil
Laila Mansour: Microplastics: Small In Size But BIG In impact

NY Sun Works Virtual Conference--May 19, 2021

Students from the Science Research Program were featured on the virtual NY Sun Works Conference

The following students were featured:

Frankyana '22: Vitamin C and the Magical Beanstalk
Laila '23: Microplastics: Small in Size but Big in Impact
Gillian '23: How Caffeine Effects the Growth of Basil
Sibelle '22: That’s Berry Expensive
Other students were featured in the Honorable Mentions section

Three of our students: Eliana '22, Gillian '23 and Taylor '22 also won prizes at the NY Sun Works Youth Conference Photo Contest. Click here to see their photos.

Seniors participate in NY Sunworks Webinar--2021

The seniors of the Science Research Program participated in a NY Sunworks webinar talking about their experiences doing experiments in the program. The webinar was an information session for teachers who are preparing their students for the NY Sunworks Conference in May. Our students provided helpful tips for teachers and talked about the benefits of doing science research. Click here to see the video.

Science Research Program--Presentations for 2020-21 School Year

Click here to watch student presentations from this year's Science Research Progam. 

NY Sun Works Virtual Conference--May 20, 2020

St. Saviour students presented their research projects at this year's NY Sun Works Virtual Conference.

Click here to view the conference!

Click here for the program.

Click the links below to view each student's individual presentations:

Jacqueline '21: Does Mulch Color Really Have A Beneficial Effect On Bean Plant Growth?

Emily '21: The Effect of Temperature on Plant Growth

Kylie '21: Creating a Hydroponics System from Recycled Materials

Nicole '21: The Effect of Music on Plants

Jaslin ‘21 Participated in 24th Annual High School Poster Session at St. Joseph’s College NY--February 3, 2020

Jaslin '21 participated in the 24th Annual High School Poster Session at St. Joseph's College NY on Saturday, February 1. Her science research classmates along with their teacher and St. Joseph's College alumni Ms. Ramkellowan were there to cheer her on! They also listened to the keynote address on "Poorly Water-Soluble Drugs and Strategies to Improve Their Solubility" by Professor Daniele Musumeci from the Department of Chemistry, CUNY-York College.

Saint Saviour students speak at Conference--May 22, 2019

On Monday, May 20, over 20 Saint Saviour students along with three faculty members attended the NY Sun Works' Youth Conference "DISCOVERING SUSTAINABILITY SCIENCE" at Symphony Space in Manhattan. NY Sun Works helps manage Saint Saviour’s greenhouse classroom. Saint Saviour is the first all-girls high school in the dioceses with a Greenhouse Classroom. Two students presented their research on Sustainability Science to a sold-out auditorium of 750 students and teachers during the 8th annual NY Sun Works Youth Conference. Research presentations were from: Alaina '20 on Magnetism and Its Effect on Plant Growth and Jaslin '21- The Effect of Thermotherapy on the Shelf-Life of Fragaria Ananassa.