Understanding Catholic Christianity
Required for all Freshman

This course is designed to help freshmen gain an understanding of the Catholic faith. The students embark on a journey to get to know themselves and their unique gifts in a positive way. There are class discussions, journal writing and activities to promote positive self esteem. It is intertwined with historic information about the Catholic traditions and understanding the sacredness of the sacraments. Through prayer and reflection, students learn more about the role of Jesus and God in their lives. They will use the textbook and other materials throughout the school year. Students will also learn about different aspects of world religions to be aware of the various cultures in our modern society.

Morality and Church History
Required for all Sophomores

Students in this course examine the processes of conscience formation, role of authority and responsibility in the exercise of freedom and how this relates to the Catholic Church. The course will include an examination of other religions - the religions of the world.  

Christian Service
Required for all Juniors

“To whom much is given, much will be required” Luke 12:48. If we have been blessed with talents, wealth, knowledge, time, family, it is expected that we benefit others. Students will acquire skills of social analysis and critical consciousness. This course will give students the opportunity to commit for extended periods of time using social work as a tool for social justice. 

Required for all Seniors; Semester One

This course is designed to aid students in healthy and unhealthy aspects of the relationship with oneself and with others.  They will come to understand methods of coping with opportunities and challenges they will meet along the way. Dating, gender issues, communication, intimacy, and marriage are discussed in the light of our relationship with God and according to the teachings of the Catholic Church A clearer understanding of four lifestyle paths, single life, married life, religious life, and ordained ministry and the issues involved in these lifestyles will be presented.  Students participate in a debate style conversation with their classmates on the topics listed above.

Senior Religion includes participating in the Internship Program.

Faith in the Media
Required for all Seniors; Semester Two

The focus of this course is to educate both Christian and non-Christian students on how to connect the world of the media with their religious education, tradition, and heritage.  Through the use of films, television, radio, advertisements, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet, students will explore how they can live their religious values today. Contemporary issues facing society today will be explored in light of Catholic social teaching on various social justice issues.

Senior Religion includes participating in the Internship Program.