Understanding Catholic Christianity
Required for all Freshman

This course will give students an understanding of the Catholic faith, with a common vocabulary and unified vision of the whole of the Catholic heritage.  Students will be enabled to explore and appreciate the meaning of Catholic faith at a personal and emotional level.

The Bible and Other World Religions
Required for all Sophomores; Semester One

This course honors the history, founders, beliefs, practices, festivals, rituals, and important writings of Judaism, Christianity, Islam.  In addition, we look into the American founded religions of the Mormons, Seventh-Day Adventist, Jehovah Witnesses, Christian Scientists, and Unitarians.  A class project provides an opportunity for the students to put into practice the knowledge they have acquired by preparing a pray service for their class.  With their knowledge of the scriptures and their use of both contemporary and traditional music, provide their classmates a prayerful experience. 

Required for all Sophomores; Semester Two

This course intends to present morality in light of our Christian tradition and at the same time to affirm in maturing adolescents their need to search toward and to test their personal commitment to a Christian faith demanding love and hope.  It is a course concerned with the art of Christian living.

Women of the Spirit
Required for all Juniors; Semester One

This course will focus both on women of scripture and contemporary women of society and Church.  Students will be invited to enter into the lives of ordinary women who in the face of adversity, hostility, indifference and/or discrimination, made choices and decisions which have been replayed again and again in the history of humanity.  By studying these women, students will realize that a woman of value is one who is daring, creative, compassionate, and faithful.  This objective will be achieved through teacher presentations, student response, reaction and discussion, visual presentations and successful completion of all activities assigned as the course progresses through the semester.

Church History
Required for all Juniors; Semester Two

The focus of this course is a review of Catholic theology through a study of Church history, doctrine, authority, and infallibility.  It brings together a religious tradition as old as Jesus and the apostles with the world today. Students explore the rich history of the Catholic church to understand better its mission today.  Within their own personal experiences of faith, they discover God’s Spirit at work throughout the ages.  Two projects are part of this course.  The first gives the students an opportunity to physically explore the art and architecture of a church building, to sketch what has impressed them and write why.  The second project consists of a group experience of preparing and delivering a homily, based on the scriptures in areas that would be of interest to young people today.  

Required for all Seniors; Semester One

This course is designed to aid students in healthy and unhealthy aspects of the relationship with oneself and with others.  They will come to understand methods of coping with opportunities and challenges they will meet along the way. Dating, gender issues, communication, intimacy, and marriage are discussed in the light of our relationship with God and according to the teachings of the Catholic Church A clearer understanding of four lifestyle paths, single life, married life, religious life, and ordained ministry and the issues involved in these lifestyles will be presented.  Students participate in a debate style conversation with their classmates on the topics listed above.

Faith in the Media
Required for all Seniors; Semester Two

The focus of this course is to educate both Christian and non-Christian students on how to connect the world of the media with their religious education, tradition, and heritage.  Through the use of films, television, radio, advertisements, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet, students will explore how they can live their religious values today. Projects that have been engaging to the students, using technology, consisted of preparing a teen magazine and a brochure appealing to a prospective seventh and eighth grader along with a transfer student.