About Us

Saint Saviour High School is a Roman Catholic college preparatory school for young women.  Rooted in the tradition of the School Sisters of Notre Dame, we challenge our students to achieve the fullest measure of their potential.

A Saint Saviour education prepares its students to be leaders. Through a rigorous academic program, we foster the intellectual development of our students; through religious studies and various service activities we guide our students in their spiritual development and strengthen their awareness of social and moral responsibility.


Saint Saviour High School accepts students from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and religious affiliations, fostering a unity among the student body while appreciating the uniqueness of the individual.

Always, members of the faculty educate with the conviction that the growth and transformation of persons can positively impact the world which we live in. 

As members of the St. Saviour Community, we believe that:

  • a girl can develop into an empowered young woman to make changes in the world
  • a Catholic Education develops the whole person – spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically
  • a strong academic foundation allows one to reach her full potential
  • the student-teacher relationship creates bonds that reach and enhance many aspects of the person
  • diversity and acceptance of all people allows for growth in the community
  • reaching out and helping others enhances the life of the giver
  • our traditions make us strong and move us into the future
  • the St. Saviour sisterhood lasts forever