Wellness Center and Dance Studio

St. Saviour HS announces the opening of it's brand new Wellness Center and Dance Studio. The Wellness Center features treadmills, rowing machine, ellipticals, Peloton, weights, medicine balls, and kettle bells.

The Wellness Center and Dance Studio will be incorporated into our gym classes as well as after school activities such as yoga classes, dance classes and use by our new Health & Wellness Club.

Hydroponics Lab

As technology’s impact in society continues to grow exponentially, we at St. Saviour are dedicated to staying on top of the latest innovations and providing access to all our students.

Saint Saviour is excited to announce the creation of a new science technology lab: An indoor hydroponic garden where our students will learn science and sustainability by connecting with state of the art STEM tools, and experience the opportunity to engage our school with the broader local community. The lab located on the second floor is now ready for students and teachers to use.

Saint Saviour High School believes that hydroponic farming technology is a unique innovation in learning which will provide our students with the resources they need to meet the challenges of the future while making educated decisions about their own effect on our environment. We recognize the growing importance of Plant Based Sustainable Agriculture and the impact it will have on the future. We are dedicated to providing women with the tools they need to be leaders of a better world. We are thrilled to be the first Catholic school, as well as the first all-girls high school in Brooklyn to offer this experience.

Biology Lab and Chemistry Lab

For a small school, St. Saviour has an enormous amount of physical space dedicated to providing our students true laboratory experiences as part of their science curriculum. In addition to our Hydroponic Farm Environmental Science laboratory, St. Saviour High School also has both a Biology Lab and a Chemistry Lab.

Rillero (1994) emphasizes the importance of the laboratory experience to students of science by stating: “A child best learns to swim by getting into water; likewise, a child best learns science by doing science”.

The experiences provided in our fully equipped Biology and Chemistry laboratories enable our students to develop critical thinking skills while gaining a deeper understanding of the science concepts presented in the classroom.

The laboratory component of all of St. Saviour High School’s science courses are an essential piece through which our students become directly involved in constructing their own learning via hands-on, minds-on activities that both reinforce and make ‘real’ what they are learning in the science classroom.

Technology Lab

While most schools have moved away from technology labs, at St. Saviour we still see the important value a tech lab brings to our school. Our tech lab is the central hub of innovation. As technology progresses exponentially we are able to keep pace because of our lab. 

We are in the final stages of transitioning our technology program to a four year coding and Computer Science based curriculum. In 2019 we were accepted into the Amazon Future Engineers program which provides our students with broad opportunities to study computer science and coding. In 2020 we won the AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award from AP College Board. St. Saviour was one of 1,100 schools being recognized for our work toward equal gender representation. We are also one of only 831 schools to be recognized for achieving this result in AP Computer Science Principles. Our new mission is making St. Saviour a pioneer for the future of women coders. 

In addition to improving what is taught in our lab, we are a Google Apps for Education school with a 1:1 touch-screen Chromebook program. Our lab also enjoys 3D printing capabilities, the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, custom built PC’s, over 20 IMac’s and our very own Minecraft server.


The St. Saviour Library is a center of learning and collaboration in the school.  All students and teachers are active library users and have access to the space throughout the day for class visits, independent study, group work, one-on-one tutoring, club meetings, and parent conferences.

Our Resources include:

  • a collection of almost 6,000 titles 
  • a varied selection of periodicals
  • NOVELNY and subscription databases for use in home or school
  • 6 student iMacs
  • laser printer and photocopier
  • audio-visual units for classroom use
  • a complete collection of Thabor, the St. Saviour yearbook, 1939 - present
  • an archive of other school publications and memorabilia